October Issue: For Attractive & Sustainable Regions

Dear ICN friends and members,

the golden month brought the Nobel Peace Prize for Europe and while some still discuss whether that was justified or not we step ahead, focussing on new projects and events to make Europe a better place to live. There is a lot to do. Therefore, we would like to remind you to register for the next annual conference of the Innovation Circle Network. We will meet in Šiauliai, Lithuania, (29 - 30 November) focusing on “Developing Attractive and Sustainable Regions through Change Entrepreneurship and Cutting Edge Infrastructure”. Book your ticket and register now, deadline 1. November. For detailed information please take a look at the program: Annual ICN Conference-Siauliai 2012.pdf

We look forward to meet you in Šiauliai,
Your ICN Team


News from ICN:
Pushing Community Spirit: Polish Foundation is looking for Partnership
Where Tradition is a Primary Issue: New partners joined the IC Network
Shaping Places: Cliff Hague's Blog

International News:
Eastern Partnership: New EU funding to improve regional cooperation
What Makes A Happy Place?: New report gives insights
Citizen Innovation in Smart Cities: URBACT project is looking for city partner

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Upcoming events:
17 - 18 October: EU Conference on Public Communication (Brussels, BE)
22 - 23 October: Strategic Planning in Regions & Cities (St. Petersburg, RU)
12 - 17 October: Wake up Europe. UNITED inter. Conference (Helsinki, FI)
05 - 06 November: 1. Inter. Conference on Urban Sustainability & Resilience, London, UK
29 - 30 November: Annual Conference of the IC Network (Siauliai, LT)

Zrodlo Foundation

Polish Foundation is looking for Partnership

Pushing Community Spirit

For many children in Suwalki „?ród?o” foundation is something like a second home. It is a place where kids are warmly welcome, where they can play, learn and meet friends. To expand its work „?ród?o” foundation is looking for a foreign partner for projects and cooperation, e.g. within the Youth in Action Programme.



New partners joined the IC Network

Where Tradition is a Primary Issue

Just lately the Innovation Circle Network welcomed two new partners. Pargauja Municipality in Latvia and the City of Trebbin in Germany decided to become part of the European association that strives for a prosperous future of the Baltic Sea Region. Read on to learn more about the new ICN members.



Cliff Hague's Blog

Shaping Places

The idea that place is important – economically, socially and environmentally - has gathered pace in recent years. Therefore the new book Shaping Places: Urban Planning, Design and Development is welcome. It is written by David Adams and the late Steve Tiesdell, colleagues at the University of Glasgow before Steve’s untimely death in 2011.



New EU funding to improve regional cooperation

Eastern Partnership

The European Commission has approved a new support package for the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood of just over 23 million Euro that will help to improve security, boost trade and increase mobility for people living in the region by implementing border management rules and adopting best practices on the Armenian-Georgian and Ukrainian-Belarus borders in line with EU standards.


Happy Stockholm -
Aten - Flickr_300x225

New report gives some insights

What Makes A Happy Place?

What makes the people in Stockholm the most satisfied in the world? Open spaces, not too much traffic, and a fast Internet connection. Why can’t all places be so lovely?



URBACT project is looking for city partner

Citizen Innovation in Smart Cities

In line with the EU Strategy 2020, the URBACT Project «SMART CITIES – Citizen Innovation in Smart Cities» intends to foster smart cities and communities that promotes social innovation and inclusiveness together with economic innovation and environmental sustainability. Now the project eeds one city partner from a Convergence Region.