September Issue – Save the date for Šiauliai!

Dear ICN friends and members,
It is official now: The next annual conference of the Innovation Circle Network will take place in Šiauliai, Lithuania. Everybody who is interested in the future of the regions of Northern Europe is invited to the 5th Annual Conference of the Innovation Circle Network:

The Regions of Tomorrow
Developing Attractive and Sustainable Regions
Through Change Entrepreneurship and Cutting Edge Infrastructure

Please make sure to save the date: 29 - 30 November 2012. Book your ticket and register (deadline 1st November) as soon as possible. For detailed information please click on the link below and download the program for Regions of Tomorrow: Siauliai+2012+IC+Annual+Conference.pdf

We look forward to meet you in Europe,
Your ICN Team

Video: The Great Recovery project will create new professional networks between designers, material scientists, brands, manufacturers, recycling and recovery experts and will collect data to help shape new industrial opportunities.

News from ICN:
Regions of tomorrow! IC 5th annual conference - Siauliai 2012
New Infrastructure Opens New Opportunities 200 Mio Euro to new EU Projects
Wanna experience something new? A combination of art & nature
A retrospective The History of Blues in Suwalki, Poland
Learning from Oregon Cliff Hague's Blog

International News:
The Great Recovery Redesigning for the Future
Making a difference How regions and cities shape Europe’s legislation
Exploring Solutions That Work Open Days Workshop - European Week of Regions&Cities

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Upcoming events:
08 - 11 October: Open Days 2012 (Brussels, Belgium)
09 - 10 October: Global Green Growth Forum (Copenhagen, Denmark)
17 - 18 October: EU Conference on Public Communication (Brussels, Belgium)
22 - 23 October: Strategic Planning in Regions & Cities (St. Petersburg, Russia)
29 - 30 November: Annual Conference of the IC Network (Siauliai, Lithuania)


IC 5th annual conference - Siauliai 2012

Regions of tomorrow !

The Innovation Circle Network will have its 5th annual conference in Siauliai, the capital of North-West Lithuania. The conference is organized in cooperation with the trade fair Siauliai 2012 hosted by the city of Siauliai and the Siauliai Chamber of Commerce. The conference will focus on regions of tomorrow, and how to become competitive and attractive regions.



Ten-T granted 200 Mio Euro to new European Projects

New Infrastructure Opens New Opportunities

Travelling from London to Brussels by train produces roughly nine times less emissions per passenger per kilometer than a plane journey. Climate goals are drivers for change and so are also the economic goals. European transport networks are changing regions dramatically as the 30 priority projects will be implemented. 


Highteck Trash -
Flickr - Imagesfrugales_300x200

Redesigning for the Future

The Great Recovery

The Great Recovery is an RSA project launching in September 2012 supported by Technology Strategy Board and key industrial players. It will seek to fill the knowledge and innovation gaps associated with designing for a circular economy model.



The Yellow House in Udebbo knows how to combine art & nature

Wanna experience something new?

This summer the association Yellow House in Uddebo, Sweden offered visitors and locals a new and inspiring summer activity. Art Paddling is what the Yellow House activists call this recreational fun that allows you to enjoy beautiful nature while at the same time experiencing a series of art installations on and along the stream Assman.


Committee of the
Regions - Merecedes Bresso_300x200

How regions and cities shape Europe?s legislation

Making a difference

Based on the annual Impact Report published by the Secretary-General, a new brochure offers key success and good examples of how the Committee of the Regions is shaping European legislation. It shows how Europe’s regions and local authorities are making a real contribution to Europe’s future.



The History of Blues in Suwalki, Poland

A retrospective

In July ICN partner Suwalki in Poland celebrated its 5th Blues Festival. Along with the event ROKiS - Suwalki’s Art and Cultural Center - launched a booklet that gives the reader the chance to travel back in time and follow the roots of Blues in Suwalki. This retrospective goes back to early 1970’s and explains why Blues is a part of that city and why the festival became such an important event for locals and visitors.


C8 Looking south
towards Pacific City_300x225

Cliff Hague's Blog

Learning from Oregon

I am just back from spending 3 weeks in Oregon. What can IC members learn from that beautiful part of the world? Oregon in the Pacific North-West of the USA shares a number of features with the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).



Open Days Workshop - European Week of Regions&Cities

Exploring Solutions That Work

Within the framework of the OPEN DAYS of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), the PES Group is organising a workshop on youth (un)employment on 10 October 2012. The workshop will present solutions which have been successful at regional and local level in bringing young people into work and giving them a prospect.