June Issue – Summer Brings New Opportunities

Summer has arrived and the season offers plenty of highlights to look forward to. For example the next Blues Festival in Suwalki (Poland) which will take place 14 - 17 of July. More Blues is comming up in August when Notodden in Norway will celebrate the 25th edition of their Blues Festival: 2 - 5 of August. For all those of you who want to be part of the next International ICN Summer Youth Camp: The last chance to book your ticket for "Art&Business" in Pskov (Russia, 14 - 18 of August) is 20th of June.


We look forward to meet you in Europe,
Your ICN Team 

Video: Right now more than 30,000 participants discuss energy efficiency and renewable energy in all their forms during the 2012 edition of EU Sustainable Energy Week.

News from ICN:
Young Spirits meet in Russia: International Summer Camp in Russia 14 -18 August
An international celebration of Blues: Suwalki Blues Festival: 12 - 14 of July
Cliff Hague's Blog: A brand-led approach to saving town centres

International Issues:
Low-Costs, High-Impact: Localised Placemaking
For everyone with a story to tell: Five lessons in storytelling
“How cities compete in the 21st century”
: Insights into city branding

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Upcoming events:
17 – 20 June:
Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience (Barcelona, Spain)
18 – 19 June:
14th Baltic Development Forum Summit & 3rd Forum of the EU Strategy for the BSR (Copenhagen, Denmark)
18 – 22 June:
European Sustainable Energy Week (Poltav, Ukraine)


International Summer Camp in Russia 14 -18 August

Young Spirits meet in Russia

Young, creative spirits will get-together this summer in an another international ICN Summer Camp. This time the place to be is Pskov in Russia. Here creative youths and experts from about ten different countries will participate in “Art&Business” from 14 - 18 August. This unique project aims to encourage cooperation of creative young people and business communities.



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Suwalki Blues Festival: 12 - 14 July

An international celebration of Blues

The fifth edition of the Suwalki Blues Festvial will again unite musicians from all over the globe to bring the blues into town. From 12th to 14th of July the city of Suwalki will turn into huge blues arena. Look forward to blues acts from the US, Russia, Germany, France, the UK, Latvia and many more ...

Lighter, Quicker,
Cheaper - Flickr - KarlMiKoy_300x225

Localised Placemaking

Low-Costs, High-Impact

Lighter Quicker Cheaper (LQC) are the catchwords of a local development strategy that has produced some of the world’s most successful public spaces by capitalizing on the creative energy of the community to efficiently generate new uses and revenue for places in transition.


Winchester high

Cliff Hague's Blog

A brand-led approach to saving town centres

There is much concern at present about the plight of town centres, especially in small and medium-sized towns. There are many more empty shops as the economic problems hit consumers and businesses. However, there are also structural underlying problems. The growth and convenience of large edge-of-town supermarkets and retail warehouses has badly impacted on businesses based in traditional retailing units in the town centre.



Five lessons in storytelling

For everyone with a story to tell

A picture can make a story as this as this one shows: A guy in Canada who shares his home with his wife and a buffalo. Storytelling in general has become an important tool not only in new media aspects. But what makes a good story and what to keep in mind to become a successful storyteller?



?How cities compete in the 21st century?

Insights into city branding

“What can be created that is so valuable about a city that its businesses, institutions and residents want to remain, that will attract investors, visitors and talent, and that will make commentators and influencers recommend the city?”, a question that Malcolm Allan and Sicco van Gelder discuss in their booklet “City Branding. How cities compete in the 21st century”.