May Issue – Together again in Central Europe


A challenging and inspiring travel is coming to an end. Just recently partners, experts and coordinators of the Trans in Form project got together in Warsaw for the final conference of the project. More than 80 decision makers, politicians and stakeholders focused on achievements and impacts of TiF. One message this event conveyed was that the travel has just begun and that the TiF movement - the transformation of rural places - will continue.
For now, as summer is just around the corner, we would like to invite you to spread the word about the next
International ICN Youth Camp that will take place in Pskov (Russia).


To read more about the TiF conference read the article below or visit There you can also download a collection of presentations and speeches.


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Video: TransFormation of Maria Konopnicka Square in Suwalki.

News from ICN:
An Inspiring Final - TiF project celebrated its final event in Warsaw
Get inspired in the arms of a poet - A literary bench for Suwalki
Art meets Business - International Summer Camp in Russia 14 -18 August

International Issues:
Congratulations Sweden - 28 year old brings 5th victory for Sweden
Viva Bel@rus - Modern Belarus at Cannes Film Festival

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Upcoming events:
17 – 20 June:
Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience (Barcelona, Spain)
18 – 19 June:
14th Baltic Development Forum Summit & 3rd Forum of the EU Strategy for the BSR (Copenhagen, Denmark)
18 – 22 June:
European Sustainable Energy Week (Poltav, Ukraine)



Cliff Hague + Bjorn
Frode Moen_300x209

TiF project celebrated its final event in Warsaw

An Inspiring Final

“It has been a beautiful travel”, said Bjoern Forde Moen on wednesday looking back at a two year “journey” he went on together with partners from eight different countries. Moen is the project manager of the Trans in Form project, part-financed by the European Union with the aim to transform small and medium sized cities in Europe into more vibrant and attractive places.


New Bench -
Triangulation in Suwalki_300x219

A literary bench for Suwalki

Get inspired in the arms of a poet

On 23rd May the city of Suwalki in Poland celebrated the 170th anniversary of Maria Konopnicka. In the light of this event Czes?aw Renkiewicz, President of Suwa?ki City, and Jerzy Brzozowski, director of the Regional Museum in Suwa?ki, unveiled the literary bench of Maria Konopnicka. The granite bench was placed in front of her family house which is today a museum named after the poet.  


Eurovision - Andres
Putting EBU_300x200

28 year old brings 5th victory for Sweden

Congratulations Sweden

Singing grannies and a mysterious beauty from Sweden dominated the 57. Eurovision Song Contest that was celebrated in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku. Thousands of people cheered in the Crystal Hall and in front of the new arena and millions of people followed the show live on TV. With a dark dance-pop song Loreen from Sweden stormed to victory with 372 points.



International Summer Camp in Russia 14 -18 August

Art meets Business

If you are young, creative, full of new ideas and energy you should read on. And if you know someone who matches that description you should also read on and that send that person to the ICN Summer Camp in Pskov. From 14 – 18 August creative youths and experts from about ten different countries are going to participate in “Art&Business”, a unique project that aims to encourage cooperation of creative young people and business communities.


Viva Bel@rus

Modern Belarus at Cannes Film Festival

Viva Bel@rus

Viva Bel@rus, a film based on real events, was shown twice at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. In his movie the Polish film director Krzysztof ?ukaszewicz features the story of Belarusian youth struggling for democracy. This is the first Belarusian-language film to be shown on such a level.