February Issue – Get ready for spring!

You might have thought we can skip winter this year and just jump right in spring fever. If so you cheered too soon. Nature ripples its muscles and we simply have to wrap ourselves in as many layers as possible and look forward to spring time. Luckily there are many reasons to look forward to. E.g. the Environmental Youth Camp that will be held from 27th of April until 1st of May in Tranemo, Sweden or the Final Conference of the TiF project – 21 – 23 May in Warsaw, Poland. To register visit www.tifpro.eu - deadline for registrations 16th March!

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VIDEO: Murmansk in time lapse

News from ICN:        
Cliff Hague’s Blog - Rural to urban migration in a different culture
Welcome to Environment Camp! - Tranemo youths are inviting to spring camp in Sweden
Cliff Hague’s Blog – Green Growth for Europe

International Issues:
3. International BaltCICA Conference - Climate Change Adaptation in Practice
Discussing Europe – Does the crisis help to reform?
Greens instead of crime – Public garden program improves civic life

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Upcoming events:
04 – 07 March: Green City 2012 (Sydney, Australia)
13 – 15 March: World Biofuels Markets (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
27 April – 1 May: Youth Environment Camp (Tranemo, Sweden)
21 – 23 May: Trans in Form Final Conference (Warsaw, Poland)
17 – 20 June: Action for innovation: Innovating from Experience (Barcelona, Spain)


?Last Train Home" captures the world?s largest human migration

Rural to urban migration in a different culture

Happy New Year - the Chinese Year of the Dragon! Every Chinese New Year 130 million people in the world’s most populous country head back home to their villages for family celebrations. It is the world’s largest human migration and the story is captured in the film “Last Train Home”. It focuses on one family spanning 3 generations and their annual get-togethers between 2006 and 2009. It combines documentary and drama to give a picture of how the different generations have become fragmented by China’s urban economic growth.



Tranemo youths are inviting to spring camp in Sweden !

Welcome to Environment Camp !

Youths care about environment ! Tranemo youths Lois, David, Jonas and Ellen are inviting youths from the Innovation Circle Network to visit Sweden and Tranemo in the spring. 27th April until 1th May the camp will be happening at Påarp Farm in Svenljunga Municipality close to Tranemo. The program will focus on environment and future living. They say in the invitation "Our environment is a huge problem nowadays and it?s very important that we take care of our future society. Therefore, we are setting up a camp. It is not a world changing task, but every journey of thousands miles starts with one step." They also promise that the camp will be fun and joyful and a big chance to meet new friends.


Windpark near
Samsø - Flickr - m

Denmark takes over EU Presidency with a focus on Green Growth, by Cliff Hague

Green Growth for Europe

Green growth is one of the themes that the Danish Presidency of the EU wishes to advance. Denmark holds the Presidency from now until July, when Cyprus takes over. The government of Denmark has only been in power for a few months, so will not have had much opportunity to shape its agenda for the Presidency, especially as past, present and forthcoming Presidency countries work together as a ?troika? to ensure continuity.


Climate Change -
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3. International BaltCICA Conference

Climate Change Adaptation in Practice

As coastal urban areas continue to grow, tourism is an important and growing economical factor, and nature and natural resources are to be protected, this leads to new challenges: How to safeguard drinking water availability and quality? How to manage riverine and coastal floods? How to design new urban areas and how to retrofit existing ones? At 3rd International BaltCICA Conference cities and regions presented their solutions and approaches for these challenges.


Service photo du
Parlement Europ

Discussing Europe

Does the crisis help to reform?

“Is the Eurozone crisis helping Europe’s economies to reform?” asks debatingeurope.eu and spoke to Finland’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Trade, Alexander Stubb, to ask him about the importance of market pressure on economic reform.



Public garden program improves civic life

Greens instead of Crime

Imagine you would go to the next parking lot in your town to get some fresh fruits or walk to the closest civic building to help yourself with some herbs and succulent greens. In the British mill town of Todmorden this is not a fantasy. Thanks to the Incredible Edible program Todmorden not only grows its own vegetables, improved civic life and reduced crime are witnessed results as well.