October Issue II – Countdown for Jurmala 


European rural areas are facing dramatic changes due to the economic development and urbanisation. The need for transformation, infrastructure investments and innovation is bigger than ever. IC Network stands for the view that Europe in its entirety should be taken into account and that a sustainable future depends not only on metropolitan areas but also on the creation of vibrant and attractive towns and medium sized cities. Working together and sharing experiences across national borders is a way for smaller places to become stronger and to communicate suggestions and initiatives at a European level.

Innovation Circle Network is facilitating these cooperations and invites all who share this vision to team up, take actions and to be part of a driving force for Europe’s future.

From 8th to 9th of December the IV. annual Innovation Circle conference will focus on individual solutions for small and medium sized cities and municipalities. Which regional development challenges Latvia has to face towards 2020 explains Ilona Raugze (Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in Latvia), one of the keynote speakers in Jurmala.

Take your chance to create Europe’s future and register now: www.innovationcircle.net.

We look forward to meet you in Jurmala,

Your IC Team


News from ICN               

Historic cooperation strengthened! - New consortium established in October 2011

German Ambassador hopes for Norwegian EU Membership - IC Interview with the German Ambassador to Norway

The story of a unique partnership - Notodden in Norway and Suwalki in Poland 2008 - 2011

Not In My Back Yard - Cliff Hague explains why planning policy all of a sudden matters to the media

International Issues

The new one is the old one - Elections in Poland


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Upcoming events:

03 November: Creating Sustainable Communities Conference (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / USA)

10 – 12 November: Green City Conference (Phoenix, Arizona / USA)

08 – 09 December: Europe in Transformation, IV. Annual IC Conference (Jurmala, Latvia)



New consortium established in October 2011

Historic cooperation strengthened!

The cooperation between local and regional authorities in Norway and Latvia is strengthened. This month a new "Intention Protocol" has been signed by four Norwegian and seven Latvian local authorities and it also includes Østfold County Council in Norway. The protocol signed by twelve political leaders is a continuation of a good and historic cooperation between Østfold region and the Cesis region.


Ambassador Detlev Ruenger_300x218

IC Interview with the German Ambassador to Norway

German Ambassador hopes for Norwegian EU Membership

Germany and Norway are close political partners, says Detlev Rünger, German Ambassador to Norway. In an interview with IC Network Rünger talks about partnership, similarities and his idea of a future relationship. The ambassador bewails that Norway is not a member of the European Union.


Main street at ML_300x282

Why planning policy all of a sudden matters to the media

Not In My Back Yard

Planning policy has become front page news in England and has been prominently featured on TV and radio. This is quite unusual. The media usually has little interest in planning. So what has catapulted planning into the headlines? Of course, the answer is that it has suddenly become very controversial.


Czeslaw Renkiewicz, President of Suwalki
City, Lise Wiik_300x209

Notodden in Norway and Suwalki in Poland 2008 - 2011

The story of a unique partnership

“When you go abroad and then come back home, you always find yourself changed some way or another. You look at yourself differently and you look at the people you visited differently. This is what happened when Suwalki and Notodden met”, state Lise Wiik, mayor of Notodden and Suwalki’s president Czeslaw Renkiewicz in a brochure that documents the partnership between their cities.


Donald Tusk_300x200

Elections in Poland

The new one is the old one

Donald Tusk will remain in office. He is the first democratically re-elected Polish prime minister in history. With 39.6 percent of all votes Tusk and his center-right Civic Platform won the Polish parliamentary Election and will be prime minister for another. But there is also another side of the story, a side that proves the Polish?s mistrust in politics.