July Issue - Focus on peace, democracy and love

In about a week the 6th edition of the ICN Summer Youth Camp will start. About 70 young people from Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Ethiopia, UK, Norway and Russia have registered. Facing the attacks of last week which hit Norway straight to the heart we need to focus on peace, democracy and love. The whole nation is devastated, but the country is more united than ever. We are still affected by the attack on our state and our youths, but more than ever we are committed to the strength of democracy and youth involvement in society. We also are very concerned about taking care of our international relations in the best possible way!

We will use the upcoming ICN Youth Camp to discuss the recent incidents and also to talk about how to deal with extremists and cultural coherence in all countries. This is a common challenge for Europe and the world. United we can be strong. We are glad to welcome colleagues and friends from other countries to Norway which is still a peaceful and safe country!


Alf S. Johansen,

Secretary General
Innovation Circle Network


Read more about the attacks on ICN webpage: 

Norway will recover - More democracy more humanity

VIDEO: Thousands Mourn Norway Attacks With 'Rose March'


News from ICN:        

IC work features in new book - The theory behind economic development

Cliff Hague's BLOG - Ten Tips for Top Streets

Cultural Issues:

Suwalki Blues Festival 2011 - Dancing to the sound of Blues

“Discover e-volunteering” - A competition with a mission

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Upcoming events: 

01 - 05 August: Congeo 2011 – Exploring New Landscapes of Energies (Brno, Czech Republic)

04 - 07 August: Notodden Blue Festival 2011 (Notodden, Norway)

05 - 08 August: ICN Youth Camp – Youth, Politics & Europe (Ørje, Norway)

21 - 25 August: SER2011 - World Conference on Ecological Restoration (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico)

Flowers and woman

Historic mass rally in Oslo

Norway meets evil with love and humanity

"We will punish the murder with more generousity, more tolerance and more democracy", stated Oslo's Mayor Mr. Fabian Stang Monday evening. About 200.000 people were gathered at the streets and squares in Oslo and all major towns and even villages across the country. Political divides are closed during these mourning days and the nation stands united together. International analysts and police however, are starting to debate and investigate whether the right wing extremist was alone or if he had any other terrorist cells in his network.



Suwalki Blues Festival 2011

Dancing to the sound of Blues

It's worthwhile to think about the phenomenon of the Suwalki Blues Festival. This year’s edition was held last weekend and all though it was only the 4th time Suwalki became city of Blues the word about the festival has already spread around the world. Maybe it is because great artists rock the stage or it is just the music which is universal, because Blues is not only for oldsters as some might think.



IC work features in new book

The theory behind economic development

The work of the Business Angel in Alytus, one of the key figures in setting up the Innovation Circle Network, is highlighted in a new book. "Regional and Local Economic Development" introduces the theory behind economic development and provides examples of successful, and less successful, practice.


European Year of
Volunteering 2011_300x150

?Discover e-volunteering?

A competition with a mission

2011 has been designated the European Year of Volunteering (EYV) in order to draw public attention to the importance of volunteering in creating a more democratic, caring and responsible society. The aim is to help connect the tens of thousands of organisations involving volunteers in all member states as well as raising key policy issues for the future of volunteering.



Cliff Hague's BLOG

Ten Tips for Top Streets

Cliff Hague was recently in Denver and Boulder in Colorado: ?They have been doing some impressive work on making streets safe and attractive. We need to be cautious about transferring ideas across continents, and in the end each city is unique and should play to its own distinctive strengths. Nevertheless, there are some tips that might be passed on to IC members. Here are ten of them: