May Issue

YOUTH, POLITICS & EUROPE: ICN Summer Camp 2011 - register deadline 1st of June!


VIDEO: We want to be innovative & creative but where do good ideas come from?

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News from Trans in Form:

TiF midterm conference in Krakow – A lot to do and a lot to learn

New TiF-Partner - Trebbin will replace Havelland-Fläming – an interview with Trebbin’s mayor Thomas Berger

Cultural Issues:

Suwalki Blues Festival – An overdose of Blues

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - Thank you, Europe

Bringing new life to public spaces - Austrian artist launched the light guardians


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Upcoming events:

25 - 26 May: 2nd EU-Russia Innovation Forum (Lappeenranta, Finland)

26 - 27 May: International conference - Cities For All – Tallinn For All (Tallinn, Estonia)


01 - 04 June: Growing Local – Congress for new Urbanism (Madison, USA)






































































































































































































































































































































































































































Successful TiF midterm conference in Krakow

A lot to do and a lot to learn

Once upon a time there was a kingdom, the Trans in Form kingdom. Many brave knights had joined within the TiF kingdom to fight enemies like emigration, demographic change and the loss of workplaces. Together they wanted to make their town’s better places to live in. Last week the knights as well as the princes and princesses met in Krakow (Poland) to showcase what they have achieved so far. The midterm conference of the Trans in Form project will be remembered as another milestone of this European project.



New TiF-Partner

Trebbin will replace Havelland-Fläming

Trans in Form has a new partner. The city of Trebbin will substitute the Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Fläming who had to withdraw from TiF. According to a request from Joint State Planning Department, Berlin Brandenburg the Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Fläming has to limit transnational activities and therefore withdraw from the project. ICN talked with Trebbin’s Mayor Thomas Berger.



4. Suwa?ki Blues Festival

An overdose of Blues

The fourth edition of Suwa?ki Blues Festival will be held between the 14th and 16th of July 2011. It will definitely be celebration of blues in this part of Europe. The list of top blues musicians who performed during previous editions of the festival is long ...


Eurovision Songcontest

Eurovision Song Contest 2011

?Thank you, Europe?

Azerbaijan's Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal were the decisive winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, scoring 221 points with their entry song Running Scared. Italy's Raphael Gualazzi (Madness Of Love) took second place with 189 points and Sweden's Eric Saade (Popular) was close behind, scoring 185 points for third place.



Austrian artist launching the light guardians

Manfred Kielnhofer brings the light guardians around the world. Standing there, probably watching the time passing. Well, they can remind about ancient times, Star Wars or other sci fi scenes. Wherever the inspiration comes from the light guardians surely give a mysterious feeling. Mr Kielnhofer is one of the talented contemporary artists bringing new "life" to public spaces. The combination of light,design and environment is pretty exciting.