April Issue II

IC Network has a new partner - Extra-Curricular Education Center for Children and Youths in Siauliai, Lithuania

VIDEO: From eating local food to taking shared showers, here are eight ways to reduce your impact on the planet that will make your life better too.


1. YOUTH, POLITICS & EUROPE: ICN Summer Camp 2011 - register now!

2. STAND.UP Project: From Innovative Ideas to Cooperation

3. Try to seek synergies: An Interview with Spatial Planning Expert Neil Adams 

4. Eco Europe for future: Eco-Tourism and Environmental Issues

5. It is just a play: Innovation Management workshops in May 

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Upcoming events:

07 - 14 May: Innovation Festival Vilnius: Collaboration and Open Innovation (Vilnius, Lithuania)

09 - 10 May: Sustainability through Resource Conservation and Recycling 2011 (Falmouth, UK)

11 - 12 May: Chasing the Change - Trans in Form midterm conference (Krakow, Poland)

15 - 22 May: Eastern Express - Training Course 2011 (Budapest, Hungary)


Youth Politics Europe
- Summer Camp 2011_300x257

ICN Summer Camp 2011


Under the Headline: YOUTH, POLITICS & EUROPE young people are invited to take part in the Innovation Circle Network Summer Camp 2011. From 5 to 8 of August the leaders of tomorrow will meet in Sjøglimt / Ørje (Norway). Register now to be a part of it.


Participants of

STAND.UP Project

From Innovative Ideas to Cooperation

Participants from 23 municipalities of Latvia, as well as representatives of associations of municipalities and nongovernmental organisations from Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, Italy, France, and Malta met in Riga to take part in the seminar “Fighting Poverty: From Innovative Ideas to Cooperation”.



Interview with Spatial Planning Expert Neil Adams

?Try to seek synergies?

Neil Adam, Senior Lecturer in Spatial Planning at London South Bank University (LSBU), UK, was one of the attendees at the TiF workshop “How to link regional scenarios and new narratives” in Riga. His main interests are European spatial planning at the supra-national, national and regional level. ICN talked with him about European projects and the potential of the Innovation Circle Network.


Visiting roman

Eco Europe for future

Eco-Tourism and Environmental Issues

Mud?te Priede, a Secretary General of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) and Rita Merca, a President of ICN participated in the 4th conference „Eco Europe for future”. The meeting took place  from 12 to 16 of April in Formia (Italy) and was financed by the EU programm „Europe for Citizen 2007-2013”.



3 InnovationManagement workshops in May

It is just a play

Collaboration or competition? Perfect or timely? Improvisation or detailed strategy? These and many more questions arise in social aspects of innovation. Good news that you can learn by practicing. So, why not try playing for learning? InnovationManagement.se offers workshops in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Hamburg.