April Issue I

Complete your own Act of Green and add your support to Earth Day 2011!


VIDEO: Travelling around your city with public transit information at your fingertips?

              Thanks to TriMet transportation system this is reality in Portland, Oregon.


1. Peace and regional development - New BLOG from Cliff Hague

2. To the well-being of the planet - Goldman Environmental Prize 2011

3. "Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future" - EU Sustainable Energy Week

4. Many ways to tell a story – TiF workshop in Riga

5. For safe, healthy and livable communities – New Smart Growth Resource

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Upcoming events

14th – 15th April: 14th Annual Conference of the European Bio-safety Association (Estoril, Portugal)

27th – 29th April: Costal Processes 2011 – 2nd International Conference on Physical Coastal Processes, Management and Engineering (Naples, Italy)

07th – 14th Mai: Innovation Festival Vilnius: ?Collaboration and Open Innovation? (Vilnius, Lithuania)

11th – 12th May: Chasing the Change - Trans in Form midterm conference (Krakow, Poland)




Cliff Hague's BLOG

Peace and regional development

It’s easy to forget that there was a civil war in part of the UK which waged for some 30 years, and may still reignite. “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland took the lives of many people, and left others damaged. I first visited Belfast in 1977, and it was a scary place.


Goldman Price - Ursula

Goldman Environmental Prize 2011

To the well-being of the planet

They let conservation initiatives to protect black rhino population, fight to protect endangered ecosystems, stop industrial pollution or create a cooperatively-owned renewable power company. Today, six global environmentalists from around the world were honored with the Goldman Environmental Prize 2011.


EU Sustainable Energy
Week - Bike Race_300x199

EU Sustainable Energy Week

"Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future"

From 11 to 15 April hundreds of events organised in all parts of Europe will show, promote, discuss and celebrate energy efficiency and renewable energy. The EU Sustainable Energy Week will take place in Brussels and across Europe with this year's theme being "Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future".


TiF Workshop

TiF workshop in Riga

Many ways to tell a story

Spring is a good time to meet. Everything is blossoming and so are new ideas – at least that is what the participants of the latest TiF workshop in Riga experienced this week. About 50 people attended the workshop in Latvia’s capital from 29th to 30th March.


Smart Growth

New smart growth resource

For safe, healthy and livable communities

In February the 10th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. About 1,400 officials, health professionals and community leaders got a close look at how to create more livable and sustainable communities. Now PDF files of nearly all of the given presentations are available online.