January #2:

  • Fifth Cohesion Forum online !
  • Lithuanian and Latvian authorities meet for better cooperation
  • Norway grows fastest
  • LEADER program invites applications
  • EU27 still with external deficit - surplus on service trade

31 Jan-1 Feb - watch it online !

Fifth Cohesion Forum online !

Barrosso, Urban, Tusk, Kubilius and many more will present their views on the European future in the conference which takes place in Brussels. Conference is organised by the DG Regio. The Forum will constitute the closure of the public consultation on the policy proposals of the Fifth Report on Economic, Social and Territorial cohesion which was adopted by the Commission on 9 November 2010.



Lithuanian and Latvian authorities meet for better cooperation

On January 20-21, 2011 the representatives of Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania (LSA) were visiting Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) for the exchange of experience. During the visit the representatives met the chairman and advisers of LALRG in order to discuss the principles of the action in LALRG and LSA. By all means the solution for the topical problems concerning local authorities in Latvia and Lithuania were prospected.



Peak growth in 2010

Norway grows fastest

65.000 persons(1.3 %) population growth in 2010 is the all time high according to preliminary figures from SSB. During last decade only Luxembourg and Turkey grew faster accoring to Eurostat. The Norwegian population growth escalated after 2004 when the EU 25 was established. 12 % growth during last decade is a significant growth compared to average in Europe and was mainly (2/3)caused by net migration. The population which counted 4 millions in 1975, will probably pass 5 mill. in the year 2011. It may pass 6 millions before 2025 and Norway will probably advance to become Scandinavias second largest population.



LEADER – chance to involve active local groups in rural development in Lithuania

LEADER program invites applications

From February 2011 Lithuania invites its Local Action Groups (LAGs) to deliver applications for ?Territorial and international cooperation? in order to stimulate Lithuanian rural development. This measure will be implemented under the LEADER method in order to encourage cooperation and exchange of good practices in rural development.



19,7 bn. euro deficit at current account third quarter 2010

EU27 still with external deficit - surplus on service trade

Trade of services is contributing positively, still not enough to get EU external current account in balance. China is most significantly pulling down(-44,2 bn euro). So is also Russia and Japan (-7,4 bn for both). EU27 has a positive acoount with USA (+25 bn euro) and also with Switzerland, Canada, India and Brazil. Goods trade is the weakest point and other service trade (miscellaneous) is still the strongest field. The travel business has still a deficit with external countries.