INTERREG related links Norwegian webpage with a great overview of funding programs
Baltic Sea Region cooperation program (Interreg IV B), official website
Northern perpihery program, official website
ESPON 2007-20013 official website
North Sea Region cooperation program(Interreg IV B)
Interact Program (EU)
Interreg IVC

Other Public Institutions and Organisations in the region:
The Barents Euro-Arctic Council
The Norwegian Barents Secretariat
Baltic Development Forum
Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation

 Public Authorities in the North

Central government:
Poland - prime minister - president

Embassies and Consulate Generals:
Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm
Norwegian Embassy in Helsinki
Norwegian Embassy in Moscow
Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk (only in Russian)
Norwegian Consulate General in St. Petersburg (only in Russian)
Norwegian Embassy in Tallinn (only Estonian and Norwegian)
Norwegian Embassy in Riga (only Latvian)
Norwegian Embassy in Lithuania

Swedish Embassy in Oslo
Swedish Embassy in Helsinki
Swedish Embassy in Moscow
Swedish Consulate General in St. Petersburg
Swedish Consulate General in Kaliningrad
Swedish Embassy in Tallinn
Swedish Embassy in Riga
Swedish Embassy in Vilnius
Swedish Embassy in Warsaw

Finnish Embassy in Oslo
Finnish Embassy in Stockholm
Finnish Embassy in Moscow (and Consulate General in St. Petersburg)
Finnish Embassy in Tallinn
Finnish Embassy in Riga
Finnish Embassy in Vilnius
Finnish Embassy in Warsaw
Russian Embassy in Oslo
Russian Consulate General in Kirkenes
Russian Embassy in Stockholm
Russian Embassy in Helsinki
Russian Consulate General in Turku
Russian Embassy in Tallinn
Russian Embassy in Riga
Russian Embassy in Vilnius
Russian Consulate General in Klaipeda
Russian Embassy in Warsaw
Russian Consulate General in Krakow
Russian Consulate General in Poznan

Estonian Embassy in Oslo
Estonian Embassy in Stockholm
Estonian Embassy in Helsinki
Estonian Embassy in Moscow
Estonian Consulate General in St. Petersburg
Estonian Embassy in Riga
Estonian Embassy in Vilnius
Estonian Embassy in Warsaw

Latvian Embassy in Oslo
Latvian Embassy in Stockholm

Latvian Embassy in Helsinki
Latvian Embassy in Moscow
Latvian Consulate General in St. Petersburg
Latvian Embassy in Tallinn
Latvian Embassy in Vilnius

Latvian Embassy in Warsaw (only Latvian and Polish)

Lithuanian Embassy in Oslo
Lithuanian Embassy in Stockholm
Lithuanian Embassy in Helsinki
Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow (and Consulates General in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad)
Lithuanian Embassy in Tallinn
Lithuanian Embassy in Riga
Lithuanian Embassy in Warsaw

Polish Embassy in Oslo
Polish Embassy in Stockholm (only Polish and Swedish)
Polish Embassy in Helsinki (only Polish and Finnish)
Polish Embassy in Moscow
Polish Embassy in Tallinn
Polish Embassy in Riga

Polish Embassy in Vilnius

Chambers of Commerce:

The Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce
The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
The Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (only Norwegian and Swedish)
The Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (only Polish and Swedish)
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia
The Swedish Russian & CIS Chamber of Commerce

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce