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Western Balkans Realities

In the early 1990s Yugoslavia began to disintegrate, triggering a series of vicious wars as ethnic groups contested territories. I have been doing some work looking at current development in the countries of the Western Balkans. Although conditions have certainly improved over the past decade, and the World Bank now rates them as “upper middle income countries”, it is clear that long-lasting economic and environmental damage has occurred. 

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Energy Cities - A European Association

Bridging Ideas, People & Regions

Energy, environmental protection and urban policy - topics that are on the agenda of each resonsible local authority. To pool their strenght the European association of local authorities in energy transition - Energy Cities - has been found.

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In Suwalki people care for their statues

Dress your gnome

Real winter came to Suwalki in the middle of January. Once again media referred to the city in northeast Poland as the coldest place in the country. But instead of a freeze-up the bitter cold temperatures broutht new ideas and were the starting point for a smart and fun initiative in Suwalki.


Qualification for the European Blues Challenge in Suwalki

The Blues Contest

Suwalki Blues Festival 2014 will be held this year for the seventh time from 10th to 12th July. For the past six years Suwalki gained a strong position on the fans’ lists of the events they must see. This year the festival will break the mold and held a Blues competion. First prize: A gig on the main stage.

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6th Annual ICN conference brought new ideas & new chairman

We are smart, we are sustainable!

The City of Suwalki hosted the 6th Annual Conference of the Innovation Circle Network that succesfully ended on 12th December. More than 70 people gathered in the coldest place in Poland to warm up and team up. 


6th Annual IC Conference in Suwalki, Poland

Creating Attractive Communities

Time is up fort the 6th Annual Conference of the Innovation Circle Network. This year experts, decision makers and innovative thinkers will meet in Suwalki, Poland to discuss the future of the regions in Northern Europe. Look forward to plenary sessions with interesting speeches and discussion in an open minded and creative atmosphere.


Maria Konopnicka square almost ready after transformation!

Suwalki is ready for IC conference

Almost 50 participants have now registered for the conference 11-12 December. And it´s stilll possible to enter. Suwalki is ready for business with IC network partners. The city is really in transformation. Investment projects have changed the physical image such as a new technology park, a reconstructed sport arena, an aquapark, a cultural center, several new hotels and shopping centers. Streets, pavements and city squares have also been facelifted and transformed. The most famous square is the Maria Konopnicka place which is almost reconstructed according to the Transinform project plans.

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Cliff Hague's Blog

Small towns - Where stories are told

Small towns are home to many Scots; they are places that contribute significantly to Scotland’s economy, identity and national well-being. They are of cultural importance: their buildings, streets and parks tell Scotland’s story.


European Cities of tomorrow

The future looks great

How does the future for European cities look like? And what can young people do, to turn it into a brighter one? That was the big question that 20 young Europeans discussed during a five-day youth camp at Benmore Outdoor Center in Scotland. 

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EU welcomes Croatia as new member of the Union

Europhoric or Eurosceptic?

From 1st of July Croatia is a member of the European Union. The Balkan state is the 28th country to join the EU. While some are celebrating the growth of the union and celebrate the accession as a triumph for the European project others are more sceptical.