Kaliningrad bike

Green mobility project

Biking in Kaliningrad

Just a week before Easter a group of biking enthusiasts gathered in Kaliningrad. The Green mobility project partners came from various places in Russia and Norway, Denmark and Finland. The Leontief Centre is the organizer of the project. They made a webpage with more information about the project.


Kedainiai Vocational Training Center enters the IC Network

Kedainiai Vocational Training Center in Lithuania entered into an agreement with the Innovation Circle Network 27.02 2017 and is now full network member. The agreement was signed by Director Dangiras Kacinskas and Alf S. Johansen. The institution started to cooperate with the Innovation Circle already in 2015 and the two partners implemented a project on educational methodology development in 2016.


Promoting the Nordic strategy !

Nordic Transport Group is established

A Nordic transport group was recently formed. 7 cross-border cooperation bodies met at Arlanda airport 17th January and formed a Nordic working group which is searching for a better integrated strategy on transport infrastructure between the Nordic countries. Nordic Council representatives were also present and are welcoming the initiative. The lack of holistic thinking and comprehensive planning is an obstacle for the construction of efficient and capasity strong transport-solutions. The new working group is aiming at changing this situation. 


Conference is coming up 1-2 December in Riga

Europeans on the move!

Europe is no longer the single leading continent. Innovations within the transport sector in Asia are amazing and also at other continents we see heavy investments in new inftarstructure. Hyperloop, Maglev, High speed trains, autonome electric cars. The list is longer. Entrepreneurship all over the place. China has launched the "One Belt One Road" vision for the Eurasian continent, the "New Silk Road". EU has launched the TEN-T concept. Core corridors and nodes are pointed out and massive investments are made and expected to be implemented during the next decades. 


Cliff Hague analyzing

Brexit - Why and what next?

Cliff Hague is commenting on Brexit in his recent blog, addressing the territorial cohesion policy and the urban-rural divide within England. "The EU needs to rediscover the social dimension of its project", he writes. "Brexit shows that territorial cohesion matters. It's a concept that deserves more attention by planners and urbanists, but also by politicians." Read the whole blog at

Helensburgh - Futurewalk_300x227

Cliff Hague's Blog

The civic use of heritage assets

Emeritus Professor Cliff Hague, member of the Innovation Circle Network, reflects on the civic use of heritage assets and the challenges facing Scotland’s historic built environment.


Time to think design in youth projects!

Design thinking projects

Technology brings innovation in our lives. But do we always adopt it easely? Why are some technologies abandoned? Today the innovation should not be considered only as a technical invention but more as a human experience while using this invention. This approach is called Design Thinking.


Latvian experts studying urban design and land use

Looking at Norway!

An expert group from the Latvia University of Agriculture was visting Norway at the end of September. They experienced new urban design and traditional design and landscaping in a shifting autumn weather from the sunny seaside at Arendal to the foggy hills and mountains of Telemark, as it can only be experienced in Norway. Heddal stave church from the 13th century in an September grey light became the contrast to a dynamic and sunny new urban Aker Brygge in Oslo.

Priekuli municipality_IC_13082015 (1)

Rural municipality goes for more international cooperation!

Priekuli enters ICN

During a visit to Rauna in August 2015 the general secretary of IC network was invited to Priekuli muncipality for talks about cooperation. The municipality is bordering Rauna and Cesis city. The Young Eyes workshop took place at Tigra Hotel in Priekuli  10-14 August. The 13th August there was settled an agreement with Priekuli where some key points for cooperation was pointed out.


sharing ideas

Young Eyes looking at Suwalki

Youths and leaders within the Young Eyes project gathered in Suwalki 15-19 June and learned about governance and community development. The youths were faciliateted by Edyta Sliwinska and Beata Gruza. The workshop contained several challenges and team building activities. Wojciech Pajak gave a speech on governance and Bjørn Opjordsmoen  spoke about sustainable communities.