7th Annual ICN Conference in European's Capital of Culture

Finding Friends & Partners

About 60 participants from eight different countries - among them experts as well as students – joined the annual conference of the Innovation Circle Network that recently took place in Riga – Europe’s Capital of Culture. 


Conference Riga 12-13 November

A connected Baltic Sea Region 2020

The seventh annual IC conference will put a focus on how the Baltic Sea Region can become better connected, and consider the adequacy of the EUBSR strategy 2020. There will be experts from various countries and institutions to debate this issue and inform about how they work to make the BSR better connected. We see the planning and launching of new transnational transport corridors, new institutions, new organisations, new cooperations across the BSR and Northern Europe. 


Suwalki celebrated its first Culinary Festival

Dinner is served!

ICN partner from the City of Suwalki once again showed how to bring together locals, friends and neighbors with an idea that is as simple as it is brilliant. This time it was not the Blues that brought people together, it was good food and cooking. 


New Innovation Circle project is granted from Erasmus+

Young Eyes !

Young Eyes is a brand new IC project and will put the focus on how young people regard their home towns. 4 mirror workshops will be implemented with international participation from youth, leaders and experts. The project partners come from Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Scotland and Norway. The project is aiming for creation of new inputs to the home towns development as well as learning for the youths involved.


Next Annual ICN Conference 12 - 13 November

Save the date!

Members of the Innovation Circle Network board met in Riga for another conference, focussing on planning the next board meeting and discussing BSR program priorities.

Suwalki Logo_300x183

Mobile tourist guide of the City of Suwalki

Where do you wanna go?

Did you ever find yourself in a situation like this: You visit a new place and you look for a good restaurant or café, some interesting places or shopping facilities, you start to ask foreigners or google and unfold the city map. If you come to Suwalki for the first time and wonder where to eat or relax skip the map and let Suwalki's mobile tourist guide bring you to the place you are looking for.


ICN board made plans in Riga

We cover Europe three times

IC board members met in Riga for their first get-together of the year. Michael Noren, new chairman of the board from Robertsfors in Sweden gathered his team for intense discussions including a look back and of course rapping up plans for possible future projects.


ICN welcomes Dalsland as new network member

“Sweden in miniature”

After the Innovation Circle welcomed Rauna municipality in Latvia as a new network member, we are happy to announce that Dalslandskommunernas Kommunalförbund from Sweden also joined ICNFörbundschef Christina Svensson talked with us about the strength of her region and the problems it is facing. And she told us why the Kommunalförbund joined the Innovation Circle Network. 

Erasmus plus_300x166

ERASMUS+ - Potential fund for IC youth camps

New opportunities

For over 30 years EU programmes have supported students so that they can spend some time studying at a university in a different member state. Now a new ERASMUS+ programme opens such mobility opportunities to many others. The kind of youth camps that IC has delivered over several years would seem to be eligible for support. The programme includes Norway.


Rauna municipality joins IC Network

Rauna region attracts, invites & surprises

Recently the Innovation Circle welcomed Rauna municipality in Latvia as a new network member. Evija Zurge, Chairman of Rauna municipality, talked to us about the strength of her region and the problems Rauna is facing. And she told us why the people in Rauna are eager to be an active IC partner.