ICN board made plans in Riga

We cover Europe three times

IC board members met in Riga for their first get-together of the year. Michael Noren, new chairman of the board from Robertsfors in Sweden gathered his team for intense discussions including a look back and of course rapping up plans for possible future projects.


ICN welcomes Dalsland as new network member

“Sweden in miniature”

After the Innovation Circle welcomed Rauna municipality in Latvia as a new network member, we are happy to announce that Dalslandskommunernas Kommunalförbund from Sweden also joined ICNFörbundschef Christina Svensson talked with us about the strength of her region and the problems it is facing. And she told us why the Kommunalförbund joined the Innovation Circle Network. 

Erasmus plus_300x166

ERASMUS+ - Potential fund for IC youth camps

New opportunities

For over 30 years EU programmes have supported students so that they can spend some time studying at a university in a different member state. Now a new ERASMUS+ programme opens such mobility opportunities to many others. The kind of youth camps that IC has delivered over several years would seem to be eligible for support. The programme includes Norway.


Rauna municipality joins IC Network

Rauna region attracts, invites & surprises

Recently the Innovation Circle welcomed Rauna municipality in Latvia as a new network member. Evija Zurge, Chairman of Rauna municipality, talked to us about the strength of her region and the problems Rauna is facing. And she told us why the people in Rauna are eager to be an active IC partner. 

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Cliff Hague's Blog

Connecting museums to communities

The nature of museums has been changing dramatically. Until the 1970s they were pretty much a place run by experts for experts. They housed collections of artefacts that needed to be preserved – hands off! Cliff Hague

Michael Noren_300x221

New ICN chairman Michael Noren about his ideas for the network

Focus on the growth of the network & new projects

As we already announced, the ICN members have elected a new board and also a new chairman of the board. The man to lead ICN in the time to come is Michael Norén from Robertsfors in Sweden. He works as head of the leisure department at the Municipality of Robertsfors and he loves Metal Music. About his visions and ideas for ICN Michael Norén gave us some interesting insights:

Cuneo Italy - Flickr_300x230

Cliff Hague's log

An Italian success story

Recently Professor Cliff Hague from Scotland went to a meeting of a project looking at small and medium-sized towns across Europe,where he spoke in a small town about branding the town. For ICN he reviews his visit and shares his thoughts with us.

West Kilbride - Tour Scotland Photographs_300x223

Cliff Hague's Blog

Craft-led small town regeneration

Probably the outstanding example of small town regeneration in Scotland is West Kilbride. It is a coastal town about 45 kilometers from Glasgow. It has a population of just under 5,000 inhabitants. Although it has quite an affluent population, decline had set in by the mid-1990s, when about half of the retail properties on the town’s main street were empty and boarded up. 

Local Food - Grievous Angel_300x200

Cliff Hague's Blog

Local food networks – how what you eat can drive local development

Local food networks are attracting increasing attention. This week I picked up Issue 1 of Nourish Scotland Magazine, which is produced by Scotland’s sustainable food network. Pete Richie, Director of Nourish Scotland, sums up the organisation’s basic vision. It is to “reimagine farming as a service: and a service which is increasingly co-produced by farmers and citizens.”


By Oline Sæther

Learning and sharing ideas about future

How will the cities of tomorrow be and look like? This question, and many others, did youths from different European countries discuss on a camp in Scotland. Oline Saether is a seventeen years old student from Norway who is sharing her experiences from this years IC summer camp which took place in Scotland.