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Young Eyes looking at Suwalki

Youths and leaders within the Young Eyes project gathered in Suwalki 15-19 June and learned about governance and community development. The youths were faciliateted by Edyta Sliwinska and Beata Gruza. The workshop contained several challenges and team building activities. Wojciech Pajak gave a speech on governance and Bjørn Opjordsmoen  spoke about sustainable communities.

Palestinian village_300x225

Cliff's Blog

Reviewing the planning of the rural area of Palestine

I have been in Ramallah, leading a small group of experienced planners who have been asked by UN-Habitat to review the planning of the rural area of Palestine. The West Bank of the River Jordan has been occupied by Israel since the war in 1967.


Latest ICN project gives youths the power to change

Suwalki kicked-off Young Eyes Project

At the end of February Suwalki started the Young Eyes Project with a Kick-off meeting at the city's Teachers’ Trainig Centre. Four high schools of the Polish ICN partner city were invited to participate in this new project and 16 students were selected as a result of recruitment to the project in Suwalki. 


ICN members take action with the new Young Eyes Project

Involve youths to shape the future of your town

With the start of the new Young Eyes (YE) Project ICN partners focus on increasing attractiveness of rural areas through the involvement of young people, their ideas, thoughts and creativity. Shaping rural Europe by young ambassadors.


Suwalki's Konopnicka Square - the place to celebrate!

Happy New Year

The Innovation Circle Network team wishes all members, friends and partners a happy new year full of creative ideas, fruitful projects and interesting meetings. May 2015 be a peaceful year for all, 12 months full of happy moments and great cooperation!  


Thank you for another year of friendship & cooperation

Merry Christmas

The year is coming to an end and the festive season has arrived. Let's slow down and enjoy some peaceful moments. 


Creating regional parks and town qualities!

Northwest-Russia focusing rural development!

More than 100 participants gathered in Arkhangelsk to discuss the possibilities and challenges for development of rural territorries. The conference was addressed by the Governor Mr. Orlov and politicians from the regional Duma. Minister of regional development Ms. Kadishova also told about the many local community project intiatives that was already funded by the Arkhangelsk regional authorities and called for more applications. 

Town Center_300x279

Cliff Hague's Blog

Putting Town Centres First

Across Europe the centres of small and medium sized towns are facing serious challenges. Retailing was the key function that drew people to these places. But we shop differently nowadays. A generation ago the big retailers began to move their businesses out of town centres and to edge of city retail parks.


Conference Riga 12-13 November

A connected Baltic Sea Region 2020

The seventh annual IC conference will put a focus on how the Baltic Sea Region can become better connected, and consider the adequacy of the EUBSR strategy 2020. There will be experts from various countries and institutions to debate this issue and inform about how they work to make the BSR better connected. We see the planning and launching of new transnational transport corridors, new institutions, new organisations, new cooperations across the BSR and Northern Europe. 


Suwalki celebrated its first Culinary Festival

Dinner is served!

ICN partner from the City of Suwalki once again showed how to bring together locals, friends and neighbors with an idea that is as simple as it is brilliant. This time it was not the Blues that brought people together, it was good food and cooking.