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Conference Riga 12-13 November

A connected Baltic Sea Region 2020

The seventh annual IC conference will put a focus on how the Baltic Sea Region can become better connected, and consider the adequacy of the EUBSR strategy 2020. There will be experts from various countries and institutions to debate this issue and inform about how they work to make the BSR better connected. We see the planning and launching of new transnational transport corridors, new institutions, new organisations, new cooperations across the BSR and Northern Europe. 

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Scotland's vote for independence (14.09.14)

The eyes of the world are on Scotland this week. The referendum on Scottish independence looks like it will produce a close result. It’s been a long campaign, which the rest of the United Kingdom has largely ignored until the last couple of weeks when suddenly the gap between “yes” and “no” in the opinion polls has narrowed. 


New Innovation Circle project is granted from Erasmus+

Young Eyes !


Next Annual ICN Conference 12 - 13 November

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“Jelgava Local Municipality for a sustainable future!”

Trademark of the year 2013

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Mobile tourist guide of the City of Suwalki

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ICN board made plans in Riga

We cover Europe three times


Cliff Hague's Blog

Western Balkans Realities


ICN welcomes Dalsland as new network member

“Sweden in miniature”

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Energy Cities - A European Association

Bridging Ideas, People & Regions

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