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Reviewing the planning of the rural area of Palestine

I have been in Ramallah, leading a small group of experienced planners who have been asked by UN-Habitat to review the planning of the rural area of Palestine. The West Bank of the River Jordan has been occupied by Israel since the war in 1967.

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Latest YE meeting in Poland and Latvia

Social involvement & V.I.P. training

Citizens' budget? What is it? That was one of the subjects discussed on the last YE meeting in Suwalki/Poland with Agnieszka Szyszko, the mayor’s representative for contacts with NGOs. The first citizens’ budget of 1 million PLN was established in 2014. In 2015 it has been doubled to 2 million PLN. Now people can propose their ideas for different projects.


Latest ICN project gives youths the power to change

Suwalki kicked-off Young Eyes Project


Save the date for the 8. Annual ICN Conference!

... and then we take Berlin


ICN members take action with the new Young Eyes Project

Involve youths to shape the future of your town


New networks have been established & projects have been launched

Realizing Bioeconomy in BalticSeaRegion


Suwalki's Konopnicka Square - the place to celebrate!

Happy New Year


Thank you for another year of friendship & cooperation

Merry Christmas

TiF results 2014 - Transform Jonisikis center 4_300x225

How the TiF project is still affecting rural regions

Joniskis in transformation


Creating regional parks and town qualities!

Northwest-Russia focusing rural development!


7th Annual ICN Conference in European's Capital of Culture

Finding Partners, Finding Friends

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