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New tunnell will bridge Finland/Scandinavia with European continent

Helsinki+Tallinn=tunnel project

TEN-T slides

"In a Memorandum of Understanding signed in Tallinn on 5 January, the partners state that the economic area formed by the capital cities and their deepening integration improve the global competitiveness and economic development of both Estonia and Finland",  according the City of Helsinki. Number of passengers are estimated to 8 mill./year. EU is expected to contribute with 40% of the 9-13 bill. euro project.

The Helsinki–Tallinn connection forms a part of the North Sea–Baltic Corridor, which is one of the EU’s TEN-T Core Network Corridors. The cooperation between Helsinki and Tallinn is called the "FinEst Link".

The 92 kilometer tunnel will be the longest in the world and travel time is estimated to 30 minutes. EU is expected to contribute signifantly to the project financing. The link will bridge the gap between Finland/Scandinavia and Central Europe as well as it will strengthen the Baltic-Nordic transport relations.

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