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Donation purposes:

1) Networking activities

The ICN is a non governmental player in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. First of all we are operating in Europe, but the agenda is global. The need for financial resources is obvious. Bringing decision makers together with youths, researchers and innovators is needed in order to create a better future for all. The ICN is a network bridge between rural regions, smaller and medium sized cities and urban hubs.  Every year we organise international events with proffesional key note speakers, leaders and enthusiasts from different countries. ICN promote and support the agents of change, who are the individuals some steps ahead, who are the drivers of change towards a brighter future. ICN prepares applications and is implementing projects. Every year there will be one or more international youth events organised by the network. And every year the network will organise an annual conference for the circle of innovators.

2) Green Mobility Fund

The climate change is not waiting for the right time for decisions to combat it. Young people all over the world are demanding a change towards a more sustainable living. This means that government decisions need to become more brave, faster and more firmly directed towards the green shift ! The governments need help from the civic society. The Green Mobility Fund will promote investments and development in climate friendly transportation. The goal is zero CO2 emissions from transportation. Biking is an obvious thing to work on. Walkable and bike friendly towns and villages are also healthy and people friendly communities.

The pollution from cars and air traffic is demanding a rapid shift towards an infrastructure where many kinds of railways are in use. Trams, subways, monorails, suburban trains, regional trains, freight trains, touristic railways, high speed trains and maybe hyperloop. Old railways can still work for many years and for various reasons. However, new modern and fast railways need to be put into service and offer the highest comfort and speed as possible. The cutting edge technology need to arrive to all parts of Europe and globally, in order to give the railway the real chance to win the competition with air traffic and road traffic. Alternative ways of financing railways is very urgent to explore.

Last but not least, there are shipping and ferries. Less emissions and less pollution from transport on the water ways is also very important for environment in general and for all life and the global bio diversity.

Through the Green Mobility Fund there will be support to projects and other initiatives from NGO´s , private enterprises, local and regional governments etc.