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Accessibility in Central Scandinavia

30 experts gathered in Oslo in order to discuss how Central Scandinavia can reach better connectivity and how the borderland can reap benefits from investments into new or upgraded transport infrastructure. The meeting was organised by the TENTACLE project and the Värmland-Østfold Border Council in cooperation with the Innovation Circle Network. The TENTACLE project leader Wiktor Szydarowski presented the borderland pilotcase as one of several cases to be developed within the project.

International news:

OBOR image

China takes the lead!

Belt and Road Forum 2017

The Belt and Road Forum in Bejing 14-15 May 2017 gathered a significant number of world country leaders and showed the broad approach of the OBOR. President Xi outlined a range of areas which will be focused. There will be an impact on all society sectors which shows that OBOR is much more than just a new Silkroad. It´s the largest global development project ever which can take trade, transport and inter-continental cooperation to another level. Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and even other continents will directly or indirectly be included and benefit from OBOR. Countries may now use the opportunity to embark on this journey to the future.


The 9th annual ICN conference set the stage for new cords

Connecting Europe

Kaliningrad bike

Green mobility project

Biking in Kaliningrad

Rauna YE team

Young Eyes project concluded in Oslo

My home town


Promoting the Nordic strategy !

Nordic Transport Group is established


ICN board and Young Eyes Project leader team met in Riga

Youth and migration are in the spotlight


Conference is coming up 1-2 December in Riga

Europeans on the move!

TEN-T slides

New tunnell will bridge Finland/Scandinavia with European continent

Helsinki+Tallinn=tunnel project


Cliff Hague analyzing

Brexit - Why and what next?

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