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The 8th annual ICN conference brings new projects ideas on the way

From ideas & visions to action

More than 40 members and friends of the Innovation Circle Network spent two days in Germany's capital to share experiences and make plans for the future of their home regions in northern rural Europe. Two days full of ideas, discussions, brain storming and fun made one thing clear: ICN is full of people who care for a better Europe for all and who are willing to take action.

International news:


Time to think design in youth projects!

Design thinking projects (22.10.15)

Technology brings innovation in our lives. But do we always adopt it easely? Why are some technologies abandoned? Today the innovation should not be considered only as a technical invention but more as a human experience while using this invention. This approach is called Design Thinking.


Jelgava's Eleja Manor Tea house to be restored

From vision to reality


Latvian experts studying urban design and land use

Looking at Norway!


8th Annual ICN Conference 28th-30th October

Welcome to Berlin!

Priekuli municipality_IC_13082015 (1)

Rural municipality goes for more international cooperation!

Priekuli enters ICN

Rauna YE team

Young Eyes mirror workshop

Rauna - identity and future

YE Suwalki_300x225

Latest YE meeting in Poland and Latvia

Social involvement & V.I.P. training


Latest ICN project gives youths the power to change

Suwalki kicked-off Young Eyes Project


Save the date for the 8. Annual ICN Conference!

... and then we take Berlin

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