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ICN members take action with the new Young Eyes Project

Involve youths to shape the future of your town

With the start of the new Young Eyes (YE) Project ICN partners focus on increasing attractiveness of rural areas through the involvement of young people, their ideas, thoughts and creativity. Shaping rural Europe by young ambassadors.

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"This project will be a good one!"

Young Eyes is a new IC project. It looks to me like it will be a good one. I was at the kick-off meeting in a cold and misty Warsaw in January. All the partners were there – Jelgava and Rauna from Latvia, our Polish friends from Suwalki, and from the far north came the delegation from Robertsfors in Sweden. In addition there was PAS from Edinburgh, bringing a lot of experience in youth involvement in built environment issues.


Suwalki's Konopnicka Square - the place to celebrate!

Happy New Year

TiF results 2014 - Transform Jonisikis center 4_300x225

How the TiF project is still affecting rural regions

Joniskis in transformation


Thank you for another year of friendship & cooperation

Merry Christmas


7th Annual ICN Conference in European's Capital of Culture

Finding Partners, Finding Friends


Creating regional parks and town qualities!

Northwest-Russia focusing rural development!


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Rural reform is on the OECD agenda

Town Center_300x279

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Putting Town Centres First


Jelgava Local Municipality will renovate Eleja Tea house and fence

Pearl of Kurland classicism will be renewed


Conference Riga 12-13 November

A connected Baltic Sea Region 2020


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Scotland's vote for independence

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