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ICN board made plans in Riga

We cover Europe three times (02.04.14)

IC board members met in Riga for their first get-together of the year. Michael Noren, new chairman of the board from Robertsfors in Sweden gathered his team for intense discussions including a look back and of course rapping up plans for possible future projects.

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Cliff Hague's Blog

Western Balkans Realities (13.04.14)

In the early 1990s Yugoslavia began to disintegrate, triggering a series of vicious wars as ethnic groups contested territories. I have been doing some work looking at current development in the countries of the Western Balkans. Although conditions have certainly improved over the past decade, and the World Bank now rates them as “upper middle income countries”, it is clear that long-lasting economic and environmental damage has occurred. 


ICN welcomes Dalsland as new network member

“Sweden in miniature”

Energy Cities_300x200

Energy Cities - A European Association

Bridging Ideas, People & Regions

Erasmus plus_300x166

ERASMUS+ - Potential fund for IC youth camps

New opportunities

krasnal w czerwonym_300x256

In Suwalki people care for their statues

Dress your gnome


Rauna municipality joins IC Network

Rauna region attracts, invites & surprises


Qualification for the European Blues Challenge in Suwalki

The Blues Contest

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Cliff Hague's Blog

Connecting museums to communities

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6th Annual ICN conference brought new ideas & new chairman

We are smart, we are sustainable!

Michael Noren_300x221

New ICN chairman Michael Noren about his ideas for the network

Focus on the growth of the network & new projects


6th Annual IC Conference in Suwalki, Poland

Creating Attractive Communities

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