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Rauna YE team

Young Eyes mirror workshop

Rauna - identity and future (17.08.15)

Innovation Circle and partners from Scotland, Sweden, Poland and Latvia gathered in Rauna 10-14 August to explore identitity in Rauna and to work with the concept on a general basis for all participating communities. Young people aged from 14-25 studied Rauna and gave their proposals for improvements. The Rauna municipality is a rural municipality at the Latvian countryside close to the cities Valmiera and Cesis.

International news:

Priekuli municipality_IC_13082015 (1)

Rural municipality goes for more international cooperation!

Priekuli enters ICN (27.08.15)

During a visit to Rauna in August 2015 the general secretary of IC network was invited to Priekuli muncipality for talks about cooperation. The municipality is bordering Rauna and Cesis city. The Young Eyes workshop took place at Tigra Hotel in Priekuli  10-14 August. The 13th August there was settled an agreement with Priekuli where some key points for cooperation was pointed out.


Latest ICN project gives youths the power to change

Suwalki kicked-off Young Eyes Project

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Latest YE meeting in Poland and Latvia

Social involvement & V.I.P. training


ICN members take action with the new Young Eyes Project

Involve youths to shape the future of your town


Save the date for the 8. Annual ICN Conference!

... and then we take Berlin


Suwalki's Konopnicka Square - the place to celebrate!

Happy New Year


New networks have been established & projects have been launched

Realizing Bioeconomy in BalticSeaRegion


Thank you for another year of friendship & cooperation

Merry Christmas

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