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Creating regional parks and town qualities!

Northwest-Russia focusing rural development! (07.12.14)

More than 100 participants gathered in Arkhangelsk to discuss the possibilities and challenges for development of rural territorries. The conference was addressed by the Governor Mr. Orlov and politicians from the regional Duma. Minister of regional development Ms. Kadishova also told about the many local community project intiatives that was already funded by the Arkhangelsk regional authorities and called for more applications. 

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TiF results 2014 - Transform Jonisikis center 4_300x225

How the TiF project is still affecting rural regions

Joniskis in transformation (14.12.14)

In 2010 eleven partners from the Baltic Sea Region teamed up to transform rural regions by launching scenarios, new narratives and attractive urban design. It was the beginning of the Trans in Form (TIF) project. Now, more than two years after the project ended, TiF is still alive as TiF project partner Joniškis from Lithuania shows.

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Putting Town Centres First


7th Annual ICN Conference in European's Capital of Culture

Finding Partners, Finding Friends


Conference Riga 12-13 November

A connected Baltic Sea Region 2020


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Rural reform is on the OECD agenda


Suwalki celebrated its first Culinary Festival

Dinner is served!


Jelgava Local Municipality will renovate Eleja Tea house and fence

Pearl of Kurland classicism will be renewed


New Innovation Circle project is granted from Erasmus+

Young Eyes !


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Scotland's vote for independence


Next Annual ICN Conference 12 - 13 November

Save the date!

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